Saturday, July 31, 2004

A little bit blogger now

I'm new to blogging but doing it partially because it is an interesting medium for expression, you're supposed to reflect on your life in a journal anyway, right?, it's damn cool (in Philadelphia, I get be the "early adopter" (usually I am in the next wave-- the gotta have it compulsives) and explain blogs and RSS feeds to a table of bright young things in the new wine bar in town (link to come).

But there can also be self-disclosure in the name of a cause. I found this on Anil Dash's blog. He described an idea that expanded my understanding of blogs:

Isolation is a critical element in many people's experience with mental illness, especially depression, which is why prescriptions for treatment often include pet ownership or volunteering in a community. But if the goal is to find a community in which one identifies, where peers and people of a similar bent can be discovered, then few tools are as effective as a format that ignores geography in favor of proximity of personality.

So, if you get a chance, and it's appropriate for the type of site that you run, you might want to talk about the experiences you've had, or that those who you care about have had. Having someone to identify with can change someone's life permanently and for the better. It did for me.

I've only read Anil's 2002 entry and the most recent ones, so I have some catching up to do, starting with his introduction. Do people read old blog entries to catch up or are they running as fast as they can to digest the latest entries on their plates?

I worry-- is a blog tedious when the writer censors himself or herself? When does a blogger become an flame-worthey exhibitionist, a narcissist?

Friday Night Fever

Boyfriend and I usually stay home on Friday night, but not this week! Missed two SEPTA trains, took a $40 cab from the suburb where I work, trying to meet Boyfriend in West Philly for dinner and a movie. I was an hour late. The Bridge theater was a madhouse. Good film though, Manchurian Candidate. Meryl Streep dominated her every scene. I am rehersing her two big speeches and studying her mannerisms for just the right occasion. Click the links above to hear her play the ambitious and obsessive mother who would do anything for her son.

Lost my new three week old $180 no-discount mobile phone (at the Bridge? by my building's mailboxes?) after losing my last phone after six months...the replacement cycles are getting shorter... and had a big breakdown. My cat hasn't been so scared since we moved him to this apartment. Boyfriend listening to me scream on the land line. I smashed one headset when he yelled at me to calm down (why didn't I think of that?), the batteries ran out on the second headset while he was trying to calm me down, and of course I couldn't call him back on the mobile, since it started this whole train wreck by going missing.

The whole movie thing was to salvage Friday nights from sitting around alone while Boyfriend was stepping, and then sitting around with him after he was finished since it was hard to schedule anything after his Friday encounter group breaks up at 8-- the only convenient time for some of the participants. I find it a huge pain in the ass (Boyfriend gets a lot out of participating, but what about MY needs!)-- I would like to have some treat to look forward to on Friday night after five days of work-home-work-home. Law & Order: SVU has lost its magic. Olivia always asking "Did you check for semen?" Yes, I did.

Anyway our attempt to inject some magic into Friday night ended horribly. Staying home in front of the TV event for Law & Order would have been so much more soothing and cheap. Alas.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Recipes In/Recipes Out

Every week, I collect a bunch of articles and recipies from the NYT food section Some I print out, some I clip from the web, some I cut and paste into Word files. The problem is the same as with the rest of my life-- organization. Keeping them in a Word or web clipping subdirectory on my computer (work of home, not that I surf during business hours, ahem) means out of sight, out of mind. Printouts just mean chaos. I already lost last week's great artice on okra. I'm from Virginia (but both parents are Northeners) but I love regional cooking, and good okra recipes are hard to come by. To get someone to eat okra, you have to beg them try, or prepare it carfully to avoid the slime for which it is infamous

Any organizing ideas?