Saturday, July 31, 2004

A little bit blogger now

I'm new to blogging but doing it partially because it is an interesting medium for expression, you're supposed to reflect on your life in a journal anyway, right?, it's damn cool (in Philadelphia, I get be the "early adopter" (usually I am in the next wave-- the gotta have it compulsives) and explain blogs and RSS feeds to a table of bright young things in the new wine bar in town (link to come).

But there can also be self-disclosure in the name of a cause. I found this on Anil Dash's blog. He described an idea that expanded my understanding of blogs:

Isolation is a critical element in many people's experience with mental illness, especially depression, which is why prescriptions for treatment often include pet ownership or volunteering in a community. But if the goal is to find a community in which one identifies, where peers and people of a similar bent can be discovered, then few tools are as effective as a format that ignores geography in favor of proximity of personality.

So, if you get a chance, and it's appropriate for the type of site that you run, you might want to talk about the experiences you've had, or that those who you care about have had. Having someone to identify with can change someone's life permanently and for the better. It did for me.

I've only read Anil's 2002 entry and the most recent ones, so I have some catching up to do, starting with his introduction. Do people read old blog entries to catch up or are they running as fast as they can to digest the latest entries on their plates?

I worry-- is a blog tedious when the writer censors himself or herself? When does a blogger become an flame-worthey exhibitionist, a narcissist?


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