Friday, August 20, 2004

More blogs on blogging/the birth of a hot blog idea

This special report on blogging from the Guardian Unlimited may be old news to many, but I wanted to highlight it for myself to study.

Just sent an eager email to to offer to be a contributor to their eclectic and very smart site. I would love an audience and more brain exercise. Our fledling readers' circle on every other Sunday at Last Drop Coffeehouse has stirred my inquiring mind.

I'm inclined to use This Is Serious as my private doodle pad, and if someone finds me (likely through following a link I created from their site), I'd be happy to chat.

I am very excited about a brainstorm I had about doing a blog about educational fund raising called Advancing the Vision (see the prototype). The idea came to me fully formed during one of my frequent and intermitable bouts with insomnia this week. I thought-- This Is Serious is a blog in search of a direction, while Advancing will have a focus and fill a niche-- a good business model for a blog, although no money will exchanges hands. I am now recruiting big names in the field to be editors that will give the blog gravitas, great content, and attract readers. And I would like to get to know and learn from these fundraising superstars for my own purposes. I'll be a real blogger, and only a month after putting my toe in the water for the first time.

Another bonus of creating the Advancing blog: energizing myself and finding purpose.

Please come to our offline salon at Last Drop Coffeehouse (13th and Pine in Philadelphia, every other Sunday, 6:00 p.m., next meeting Sunday, August 21. No required reading.) Email me at harlan11268 at yahoo dot com for info.


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